Four Faces

Four Faces is named for the large sculpture of Mount Rushmore in the center of the clump of apartment buildings around a strip mall. The former tourist attraction has seen better days and is strewn with christmas lights to ward off the Darkness.

The street lights and strings of bulbs are powered by old and troublesome diesel generators. Strangely the town has good communications with limited literacy and radios, supported by the former strongman Whitey.

Notable locations in town include the 7-11 where they keep people they capture and sell to slavers who come by each month. There is also an apartment building once controlled by Whitey’s lieutenant, Snake Bait. There is a makeshift workshop here, once used by Specter. Lastly there is the bar owned by Aisles and the site of many a murder.

The upper crust of the hold live at a fortified school on the edge of the main ring of light. A 5 foot high heap of debris forms a wall around the settlement. Behind it is a light strewn fence.

Outside of town is the wreckage of the suburbs and an picked over mall.


Four Faces

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