Echo Base 12


Lieutenant John Smith’s secret base nestled in the valley behind Mount Rushmore. Forgotten for 50 years, it has recently reawakened as military personnel from the early days of the Darkness come out of stasis.

The configuration of the facility is a confusing labyrinth of hallways, stairs and elevators.

Above Ground

On the surface, the entrance to the base is situated in the valley behind the heads of Mount Rushmore, built into the Hall of Records. An armored blast door is surrounded by old but well built flood lights. The light covers a large fenced in area with some limited parking. Currently Sirco‘s vehicles and Specter’s workshop cargo container are located here.

Deadly traps are said to cover the surrounding area.

Upper Levels

This area is where the mess hall and entrance hallway are. Many of the squad members stay here as do some squatters. Also in the upper levels is the Med Bay which is currently the only major section operational.

Lower Levels

Only the hard core squatters come down here. The lights flicker or dim down here, letting in the Darkness.

Notable locations include the “Den” where some squatters bring captives for nefarious purposes and the Power Core where a radiothermal generator hums quietly in a large dark room lit only by LEDs on the control panel.

Echo Base 12

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