Tag: Four Faces


  • Whitey

    Whitey was the leader of [[Four Faces]] and ran their slaving operation. His lieutenant was [[:snake-bait | Snake Bait]]. Unfortunately when chasing after [[:spectre-1 | Specter]] when she escaped, he was captured by [[:cerulean-monsoom | Cerulean …

  • Jim Bean

    An enforcer for [[:whitey | Whitey]] in [[Four Faces]], he did guard work for their slaver operation. His boss was [[:snake-bait | Snake Bait]]. He died when [[:cerulean-monsoom | Cerulean Monsoon]] took [[Four Faces]].

  • Shawna

    Shawna was captured by the slavers of [[Four Faces]]. She is dying some illness. She was freed when [[:cerulean-monsoom | Cerulean Monsoon]] took [[Four Faces]].

  • Kettle

    Kettle was one of the first subjects of [[:spectre-1 | Specter]]'s brain cage, a dentist chair hooked up to psychic amplifiers and which allows Specter to synchronize her mind with another persons and extract their memories. In this case she extracted …

  • Snake Bait

    Snake Bait was [[:whitey | Whitey]]'s lead henchman in the slaver gang. He "rescued" [[:spectre-1 | Specter]] from the slave pits, recognizing her growing psychic powers as useful. He had her build a [[:brain-cage]] and kept her captive in his …

  • Roughs

    Roughs was a guard in [[Four Faces]] working for [[:snake-bait | Snake Bait]] and watching over [[:spectre-1 | Specter]]. He was overpowered by her and her lover [[:biter-1 | Biter]]. The strapped him into the [[:brain-cage]] and turned off the lights. …

  • Aisles

    Aisles inherited the bar after [[:lieutenant-john-smith | Lieutenant John Smith]] and [[:sirco | Sirco]] murdered the last barkeep. He is worried about his generator and has made a deal with [[:spectre-1 | Specter]] to fix it up for favors to be named …

  • Torch

    A guard in [[Four Faces]] working under [[:snake-bait | Snake Bait]], he was one of the guards for [[:spectre-1 | Specter]]. He died when [[:cerulean-monsoom | Cerulean Monsoon]] took [[Four Faces]].