Brain Cage

Psychic Interrogator


The brain Cage resembles a dentist chair with leads to attach to two people’s heads and a LCD readout showing the brain waves of the people connected to it.

The Brain Cage allows the reading the mind of someone strapped into it. It must be also be connected to a psychically endowed individual who is attuned to it. Once their brainwaves are in sync, the device allows the extraction of memories from the person strapped in.

It might also allow someone to control a person physically though this would involve exposing them to the Darkness.

Specter has built a failsafe in case she was strapped into the chair but it is weak and unreliable.

When you want to use the brain cage to take apart someone’s mind, roll+weird. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1, but they hold 1 too. The person using the brain cage spends hold to pick an option off of the list below.

  • Take something away from them that made them who they were.
  • Put something inside them that becomes part of who they are.
  • Make them commit a single act against their will.
  • Adopt something about them into who you are (and mark experience)
  • Keep them from remembering what you did to them.

If the victim has hold, they can spend it to pick off the list here:

  • Adopt something about your captor into who you are (and mark experience).
  • Struggle violently, inflicting 1 harm (ap) on your captor.
  • Flee into the psychic maelstrom, forcing your captor’s mind to follow you.

On a miss, the MC makes a hard move.

If an NPC get’s you into the brain cage, roll+cool. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend hold 1 for 1 to choose options from the following list.

  • They can’t take anything away from you.
  • They can’t put anything inside of you.
  • They can’t force you to do something
  • You will remember
  • You struggle violently, inflicting 1 harm (ap) to your captor.
  • You adopt something about your captor into who you are (and mark experience)

This device was commissioned by Snake Bait and built by Specter. She was able to make it work by experimenting on slaves such as Kettle. She had to leave it behind when she fled Four Faces.

Brain Cage

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