the Broken Thing



Cool +2 Hard -1 Hot +0 Sharp +1 Weird +2


Oftener Right:

If asked for advice (and give an honest answer) and person acts on it, gain experience. They gain +1 ongoing.

Reality’s fraying edge

Darkroom grants augury.


Roll +weird. On a hit, you can choose 1:

  • Reach through the darkness to something or someone connected to it.
  • Isolate and protect a person or thing from the darkness.
  • Isolate and contain a fragment of the darkness itself.
  • Insert information into the darkness.
  • Open a window into the darkness.

By default, the effect will last only as long as you maintain it, will reach only shallowly into the darkness as it is local to you, and will bleed instability. On a 10+, choose 2; on a 7–9, choose 1:

  • It’ll persist (for a while) without your actively maintaining it.
  • It reaches deep into the darkness.
  • It reaches broadly throughout the darkness.
  • It’s stable and contained, no bleeding.

On a miss, whatever bad happens, the darkroom takes the brunt of it.


Roll weird at the beginning of the session. 10 gain 1 hold plus +1 forward. 7-9 gain 1 hold. MC or you can spend hold for you to be present at a situation with tools and knowledge on hand with or without any clear explanation why. On a miss MC gains 1 hold and can spend it to have you there but pinned, caught or trapped.

Direct-brain whisper projection

Roll +weird to get the effects of going aggro without going aggro. The target must see you but you don’t have to interact. If they force your hand your mind counts as a weapon (1-harm ap close loud-optional).

Sex is Control

When you sleep with someone at Night, gain 1 hold on them as if you were the darkness.


During downtime choose a number of gig to work on. Roll cool. On a 10, get profit from all gigs chosen. On a 7–9, gain 1 catastrophe from a gig and profit from the rest. On a miss all are catastrophes.


  • Scavenging (1-barter/impoverished)
  • Technical work (2-barter/shut out)


  • Sirco (Driver, business partner) +1
  • Lt. John Smith (Quarantine, psycho scup) +0
  • Cerulean “Cer” Monsoom (Battlebabestud, partner in seizing facility, scary) +1


In Four Faces:

  • Makeshift Tools (tool box of real and manufactured tools)
  • Pile of Salvage
  • Brain Cage

In Echo Base 12:

  • Darkroom surrounded by floodlights (augury)
  • Weird-ass electronica
  • Machining tools


  • Oddments worth 1-barter (working mp3 player)
  • Circuit plated clothes equipped with LED lights (1-armor, +0 light source)
  • Hunting rifle (2-harm far loud)
  • Knives (2-harm hand infinite)



  • Chicago native: grew up in neighborhood with electrical power
  • 10 years old: the lights went out and when I managed to get them back on, everyone else was gone
  • 12 years old: attacked and raped by small biker gang, left for dead
  • When she first met Cerulean “Cer” Monsoom, she thought he was hot but also wondered where he was from.
  • Hates Chinese: “Damn Chinese thieves”
  • Accepts her growing connection to the darkness and the powers that come with it


A slight woman whose quick eyes and pretty face point to her being closer to 15 than to 25. She wears tech clothing plated with circuit boards and LEDs (1-armor, +0 light). She typically wears a long drab gray cloak over this. She keeps her dark hair long and free.


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