A lean bald headed man with clothes several sizes too big for him. His skin is greasy and pale. His head is speckled with rashes.


Like many in the world, Biter was an orphan. His life has been sad and lonely. He fell in with the Squatters at Echo Base 12 for lack of a better alternative.

He was a little weird, a little touched by the Darkness but it was beyond his control. Because of this he was enthralled by Specter and her mastery of her weirdness.

He was love with her and experienced her Dark Room. There they experienced something like a mind meld and came to see everything about each other. Despite this he was still in love with her.

Specter isolated him from the Darkness for a period. It allowed him to travel at night and see the world through the darkness. With this advantage he managed to walk to Four Faces and find her. He now worshipped her for her power though her lapses into weakness perplexed him.

He was critically injured when the Darkness took control of her in Four Faces. Cerulean Monsoon murdered him while he incapacitated. Specter doesn’t know yet and blames herself for his death.


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